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Understanding Cyber Security

Nov 23

We all have been through this phrase before but are we really understanding it? Do we know the full scale of how this can impact our lives?  Cyber security is coined as an application to getting our computer devices protected at all times from threats and viruses. How we apply this is another story. A lot of cyber threats are bombarded to uninformed social media users every year and it doesn’t stop there. An internal report revealed that a shocking 7.9 billion records have been disclosed for the first nine months of 2019 alone. Personal medical records, credit cards and public entities were on top of those that were breached and cyber criminals were preying on these sectors which they find very vulnerable.

There are different types of cyber threats that involves politically driven attack to online romance scams. Some are designed to take down systems from institutions. What you can do though is protect yourself and as much as possible contain your personal information that you send online. Secure yourself and personal data by following our tips to strengthen your cyber security. 

  1. Avoid doing online banking transactions on unsecured WiFi networks on public places. There might be a tendency that these are managed by hackers looking for spots to infiltrate your information. 
  2. Avoid online email spams which can range from offering you free loans and or an update with your current internet subscription. Check links for validity or better yet, call your service providers for validity of those claims. These emails from unknown senders might contain malware which can disrupt your devices and your system.
  3. Always keep your security on your software updated at all times. Follow through with antivirus application for updated protection on your computer. 

What we can always suggest would be to be vigilant with these threats and educate yourself with being cyber protected. Use security programs that can detect malware which can potentially put you at risk. Monitor and update your security all the time to ensure that you are protected from the all kinds of cyber-attacks. Be informed and be on guard all the time especially when you are dealing with sensitive information online and more so if your work involves you handling files from the company. Start by securing your network, secure your applications and information and lastly consider disaster recovery by backing up your files. If breach happens, you can as easily recover and continue your business by being ready ahead of time. Safety and soundness of your information comes first when dealing with cyber security. 

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