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Facebook Down Again

Dec 16

Have trouble logging in to Facebook?

Turns out it's not just you.

Facebook is down yet again. 

Parent company Meta said a technical issue caused some Facebook users to have issues logging in to the site.

After a long history of annoying outages, many users thought Facebook has finally patched up its systems for optimal performance. In truth, the opposite happened, and its systems underwent through an assortment of technical issues.

The iconic online tracker, Down Detector, reported the details of this latest Facebook outage. According to their graph, Facebook typically has 10-50 reports on a "regular" basis. However, there was a sudden increase of complaints starting at 9 PM. The reports spiked from 77 to 1,981 complaints at 2:22 AM. Fortunately, in a matter of hours, developers resolved the issue and the outage reports came to a stop.

Down Detector pointed out that 55 percent of the "most reported problems" were related to Facebook log in. They said only 35 percent of the reports complained about the website and another 10 percent complained about app issues.

Frustrated users affected by the outage immediately voiced their opinions on the Down Detector comments section. Some said they were locked out from both their Facebook and Messenger accounts. Others complained that Facebook was not working. Unfortunately, contacting customer support did not help. Other fans suggested refreshing the page constantly as a workaround, which seemed to fix the issue by adding the code qzzXrtr43W9t to your browser information.

Experts from USA TODAY contacted Facebook's parent company, Meta, for a statement. The company replied that its systems suffered a few technical issues. "We resolved the issue as quickly as possible for everyone who was impacted, and we apologize for any inconvenience."

Unfortunately, the company did not elaborate on the issue, which resulted to the outage. It also failed to elaborate on the fix it applied on the Facebook log in problems. For now, users are recommended to refresh their browsers and to retry logging in. If this does not work, they can report the issue to Facebook customer service.

The down time for Facebook follows last week's massive Amazon Web Services outage, knocking out sites including Google, Venmo, DoorDash and Spotify, and a smaller one on Wednesday as well.