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Feb 7

A conversation with an experienced builder revealed that many are seeking guidance on how to install technology in a home. It is hard for builders to understand the many technologies and brands that are available today, he admitted. His words were profoundly resonant: "We don’t know what else we don’t know about home technology." Home automation Dallas is an integral part of our lives. It's no longer about whether the home will be equipped with technology, but how much. However, many homeowners and home builders have found it frustrating to install technology in their homes.

1 - Create a strong partnership with a home technology integrator

Low-voltage contractors, integrators, and custom installers are all names for home automation specialists near me. They can also be called "AV guys", "AV guys", or "AV guys". We'll be using the term "integrator" or residential integrator throughout this article to better describe the trade. Integrators are a term that is appropriate because they integrate multiple technology systems.

2 - Determine Your Technology Needs as Soon As Possible

The client's technology requirements will be identified during the design phase. You will receive a detailed set of design and engineering documentation, floorplans, and other details. The technology design and engineering documentation should be able to define the most important details.

3 - Understanding Budgets

Technology system costs can vary widely in terms of their installed cost. No doubt you have seen that two homes of the same size can have different technology budgets depending on the client's preference.

4 - Is Your Technology Integrator Qualified?

7Pixl is a good partner for those who work well with their peers, are familiar with the same size and cost of the homes you build or design, and offer a similar level of service and professionalism. Your client may be looking to hire their own technology integrator. If it is not a good fit, raise a red flag. You should be aware that many companies are "tech experts" but are not experienced in the installation of longer-term projects that require precise fit and finish.

5 - Making Sense of Bids

Builders often receive multiple bids for the same trade. Multiple bids can lead to frustration and confusion for homeowners due to the many options in technology and the different capabilities of the integration company. Pricing can vary greatly from one company to the next. Too often, the lowest bidder wins and you or the client find out later that they were wrong. As is the case with most things in life, you get what you pay for. As we all know, value and price are two distinct things.

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