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How Many Solar Companies Are in Tampa FL?

Aug 30

There are several solar firms located in Tampa FL that you can partner with to put solar panels in your house. There are several of them: Palmetto Solar, Momentum, Sun SelectSM, and Sunrun. These solar companies offer superior products and outstanding service to their customers. These solar contractors have decades of experience and can assist you in making the best option for your Tampa home.

The Tampa Solar Company Florida

Palmetto Solar

Palmetto Solar, a leading solar energy company located in Tampa FL has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company gives customers a personal installation experience. There have been reports of issues activating the equipment and long waiting time. Palmetto has not responded to our request for comment as of the time of publication.

Palmetto Solar offers residential solar systems and aims to reinvent the business model of solar energy by eliminating costs and making it easier to purchase process. The company makes use of monocrystalline solar panels manufactured by Q Cells, which offer a lifespan of 25 to 45 years. The company also uses black aluminum that has been anodized to offer high efficiency.

Momentum Solar offers seven different kinds of solar panels. Momentum Solar can design an individual solar panel installation specifically for you, based on your home's power needs and the shape of the roof. The company also offers four solar plans including purchasing and leasing. Customers also have the option of taking advantage of federal incentives and Florida solar incentives.

Florida utilities demand that all customers pay at least $25 for their basic bills. Even solar users that use very little energy are required to pay this amount. However, the solar suppliers argue that homeowners in Florida are not only saving their own funds, but also those of other utility users. Florida's solar homeowners have put over $700 million into the state’s infrastructure for energy. In the end, the state will see the most rapid growth of solar energy across the nation in the coming five years.


You need to find a trusted Tampa FL solar company if you are looking to incorporate solar power into the midst of your routine. Circuit Electric Solar is one of the most reliable solar firms within the Tampa region. Circuit Electric Solar offers a wide range of services, including equipment installation and evaluation as well as backup batteries and customized solar designs.

They offer a variety of payment plans that will fit every budget. You can choose to pay each month or pay for the entire installation in one go. This will enable you to be aware of the amount of power the solar system will generate. After that, the company can begin designing your custom solar system and obtaining the permits required.

Tampa residents who want to install solar panels can benefit from a 30% tax credit. This will lower the cost of electricity for their household. Furthermore, the solar panels will increase the value of their home. Florida offers several tax credits to homeowners who choose to opt for solar. ESD Solar can assist customers with the process of learning about these credits which could lower the price of their Tampa solar panel installation.

It can be difficult to choose the right Tampa solar company. You must choose an experienced company in the installation of the kinds of solar panels you want to your Tampa home. You should ensure that the firm you select has a wealth of knowledge and experience. They shouldn't just have the expertise but be available to answer your questions regarding the equipment. They should also be competent to assist you with any electrical queries that may arise during the installation.


Momentum Solar is one of the largest and fastest growing solar firms across the United States, employing over 2,000 people nationwide. The company specializes in affordable energy solutions for homeowners with the right qualifications. Their approach includes custom design, engineering, permitting, installation, and activation. Momentum Solar will make this process easy.

Momentum is partnered with a variety of solar panel makers to provide you with the ideal solution for your home. It looks at factors such as how much power your home needs, the shape of your roof and the effectiveness of your solar panels. The company also offers four solar plans, which allow you to select the one best suited to your budget and needs. They also offer financing, leasing and loans for solar panels. You can also get federal as well as Florida tax incentives, whether you lease or buy the system.

Momentum Solar also offers monitoring services. The company will assist you in tracking the efficiency of your solar panel by providing reports and a time-line. Their solar app lets you see step-by-step updates on the process of installing. Additionally, you can get real-time information on your solar consumption. You can also connect with the Momentum customer support team through the app.

Momentum Solar is a great alternative for people looking for Tampa solar installation service. You will have a smooth experience with them, great warranty coverage, and customer service. They also provide a variety of financing options that include zero-down financing. Their solar panel installation services are backed by a family-owned company.

Sun SelectSM

If you're interested in solar energy to power your Tampa home, Sun SelectSM can help. Sun SelectSM provides a selection of programs that can help you to cover 25% of your electricity usage by using solar energy. You can choose to sign up either one of the plans, a monthly or annual. You then set the solar rate. The price of electricity's fuel is typically lower when the solar rate is higher.

SUN is a nonprofit solar co-operative that is accessible for residents in Hillsborough County. SUN offers education services that help members get solar and enjoy the benefits of solar power. Members can also seek assistance with any issues or questions that arise after the installation. SUN collaborates with local governments to implement solar-friendly policies. Since its inception, SUN has helped more than 1,700 households and businesses in Florida switch to solar power. According to their website, this amounts to more than $36.6 million in economic investments within the region and 257 new jobs.

Another benefit of the Sun SelectSM program is that it is available to anyone. Even those with roofs that are shady are invited to sign up. It is also free of initial costs. The savings are accrued over time. The costs for fuel won't change in the coming 20 years, which means this program is still valid.

Sun Badger Solar

Sun Badger Solar offers solar leases to customers who are unable to afford to purchase the equipment on their own. Customers pay lease monthly payments substantially less than their utility bills. The lease places the burden of ownership of the equipment on the business, but it also allows the customer to receive government-sponsored incentives. Sun Badger is a high-quality solar installation business that has highly qualified and certified technicians. Their installations are approved by NABCEP and they use the most advanced solar equipment on the market.

Solar panels are a great method for Tampa to lower your utility bills and reduce the carbon footprint. You can install solar panels on your rooftop or even on the ground, depending on the needs of your property. The cost will depend on the number of panels you will require as well as the output of power you require. It doesn't include ongoing maintenance or financing. In Tampa residents, they can get the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit that is 30 percent of the total cost of installation. Solar panels can also boost the worth of your house and make it more appealing for potential buyers. Additionally, you could be eligible for Florida property tax incentives.

If you're considering a solar installation for your home, compare a few different alternatives before selecting the one that will best suit your requirements. It is also possible to benefit from the tax credit offered by the federal government which is 26%, when you install an energy-efficient solar system. Florida also offers an exemption for sales of solar systems that applies to all solar systems that are new. The tax exemption also applies to the installation of batteries.

Sun Energy World

Sun Energy World, a Tampa-based solar business, offers solar panels and other equipment. Additionally, you can learn more about solar energy in this location. They have several educational workshops that include an introduction to solar energy. They can also help with financing and are happy to help you make the switch to solar energy.

The company also offers installation services. It's a good choice for those who reside in the Tampa area, as Tampa is famous for its abundance of sunshine. They will not just provide the expert advice of their solar experts, but they will also provide all the information on interconnection and net metersing policies. They'll also give you suggestions and guidelines on Florida construction law, safety regulations and best methods for solar installations. The business you choose to work with must have a solid warranty on the equipment they install. A good warranty shows that the manufacturer and company will stand behind their products and work.

Solar panels are an intelligent investment that will pay dividends in the future. You'll be able to control your electric bill and reduce your dependence on electric companies. It will also save you money by cutting your electric bill, and protect you from Florida electric rate increases.

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