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Top-Rated Tasers And Electric Weapons

Oct 5

Taking measures for one's own protection is a major task. Nothing less than your life itself might be taken from you. Some individuals use weapons, while others train in martial arts. People who don't want to or don't have the time to acquire a more complex form of self-defense often resort to methods that are simple, non-lethal, and, in most situations, lawful.

While tasers and bulk stun guns have been glorified in the movies as tools for spies to use to disable a door-guarding baddie or subdue an innocent victim to load into their trunk, the reality is that these devices are more often used to make the vulnerable feel safe. However, since so much rides on your decision, it's important to learn how to select a stun gun or taser.

Here, we'll explain how a taser differs from a stun gun, and give our top picks for each type of weapon so you can make an informed decision if you ever need to use one for self-defense.

If You're Wondering, "What's the Difference Between A Tazer And A Stun Gun?"

When first looking into the self-defense industry, many people may likely confuse tasers and stun guns as being one and the same. The closest most people get to the real deal is when they watch TV or a movie, when the terms are regularly interchanged. Stun guns, in contrast to tasers, which create an electrical charge between their prongs, are close-range contact weapons.

The most obvious disadvantage of a stun gun is that it requires the user to approach their attacker, leaving them vulnerable and introducing the possibility that the taser will be taken and used against them. However, most stun guns have the advantage of being more effective at penetrating clothing and being less expensive than tasers.

However, Tasers mimic the appearance of handguns in every detail, down to the trigger and pistol grip. Tasers are ranged weapons that discharge two metal prongs connected to the device via a wire. Unlike a stun gun, a taser's charge is contained in its prongs, allowing it to deliver a considerable quantity of electricity to the victim, resulting in neuromuscular failure and rendering them incapacitated.

The benefit of tasers is evident; with their extended range, their users are better protected. The prongs of most tasers only work once, so if you miss or they don't puncture your clothes or are dislodged, you're helpless against your assailant.

Stun Gun

Professional Grade Tazers & Stun Guns (Police Grade)

Some of the best stun guns and tasers are discussed here. If you don't find anything on this list that seems like it might be ideal for your own self-defense requirements, please describe the features you're looking for in a comment, and we'll do our best to provide some other possibilities.

Top 3 Stun Guns

Some people use the term "Taser" interchangeably with the general term "electric stun gun," although this is incorrect. The name of the company that develops and produces these weapons, Taser International, is also an abbreviation for "Tom A. Swift Electric Rifle." Below is a curated assortment of some of the highest rated tasers currently available, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Taser Pulse+ 

The Taser Pulse+ is not only among the least expensive options, but also among the easiest to operate. The Pulse+'s high-visibility LED illumination and targeting laser makes it simple to operate in high-stress, high-risk settings, making it a top choice for beginners in the realm of self-defense.

The Pulse+ has a maximum range for civilian devices of 15 feet, allowing for neuromuscular incapacitation to be administered for up to 30 seconds. Noonlight integration, which notifies authorities of your position whenever a Taser is discharged, is also included for free during the trial period.

X2 Taser

The Taser X2 is a taser designed for law enforcement professionals, with great tactical skills but a hefty price tag. Not only does it have a secondary shot in case the first misses, but it's also the only Taser that can stun on impact while it's completely charged.

When combined, these features provide the user with a larger margin of error and more safety nets to rely on in dangerous situations.

CQ Taser (Concussion Taser)

Despite being the most costly option here, the Taser 7CQ is widely considered to be among the best available options for self-defense. The Taser 7 is effective in close and medium range situations, and its two-shot capacity makes it useful for neutralizing a wide range of security threats and serving as a potentially life-saving backup. It is tailored to specific conditions and uses real-world information.

The weapon is designed to excel in the close contact zone, where the vast majority of disputes occur, while having a shorter range (12 feet) than other Tasers. If you're looking for a home defense weapon that will work well in tight locations like hallways, rooms, and bathrooms, the Taser 7 is an excellent option.

A Look At The Five Best Tasers

When used properly, a stun gun can dissipate the potential for physical harm while also being reliable enough to be there for you in case you ever need it. In other words, it ought to be well-made, have a practical layout, and have a few extra bonuses that will help you out and get you ready. We've compiled a list of some of the greatest stun guns available for a variety of uses.

Vipertek VTS-T03

If you're a security guard and your job relies on your wits as much as your ability to defend yourself, the Vipertek T03 is a great option. Included in the package is a 350 lm LED flashlight. The T03's immaculate, aircraft-grade aluminum body is undeniably eye-catching. It's a design that seems like it should cost a lot more than $10, and it's surprisingly sturdy and durable.

Due of its many uses, the T03 is hard to compare to other products in terms of value.

The Vipertek VTS-989

Unlike the T03's more broad utility, the 989 is designed specifically for close contact self-defense, with extra-penetrative electrodes to penetrate thick clothes and an anti-theft shock plate on the top of the device to keep it from being seized mid-conflict.

When combined with the weapon's ergonomic grip, these features provide substantial stopping power.

Saber For Personal Protection Set

The Sabre Self-Defense Kit is a great value for money option for anybody in need of a dependable emergency backup should they feel attacked, and it includes more than just a stun gun. The package comes with a 1.60 C stun gun that has been independently tested, as well as a pepper spray that is the best in its class with 25 bursts.

For less than the cost of two meals at a fast food restaurant, you can get the Saber Self-Protection Kit and arm yourself with a comprehensive defensive system that might save your life.

Smart Phone-Based Electric Shock Gun

For covert self-defense that won't draw notice to you, nothing beats the Streetwise Smart Phone Stun Gun. Because of this, it is useful for attack preparation in situations when some individuals would be reluctant to exhibit a stun gun out of humiliation if their instincts are wrong.

It's important to note that in order to achieve this higher level of privacy, a lesser number of electrodes than would be needed to pierce clothing must be used.

The ZAP Of A Walker

The Zap Walking Cane is great for seniors who are concerned about safety, and it has also become wildly popular among dog walkers thanks to the discovery that the cane's loud zapping sound and electrical arc scare away potential canine attackers (without actually hurting them).

For the elderly or anybody else who relies on a cane, this is an excellent self-defense solution because it performs like a genuine cane and adds a little more range.