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What Are Stun Guns For Cell Phones?

Dec 19

You'll like this one a lot! The cutting-edge Cell Phone Stun Gun has the strongest takedown capability of any smart phone now on the market. It is impossible for anything else to produce 14 million volts at 4.9 milliamps.

This stunner won't be seen arriving! A phone that resembles the top brands perfectly may simply hide 14 million volts of stopping power!

Even the most sophisticated mobile phone stun gun can stop an attack while carefully mimicking the look of the most common form of communication in use today. You'll feel more confident once you realize you can protect yourself.

In the palm of your hand, the mobile phone contains 4.9 milliamps of electrifying protection, which is convincing enough to fool anybody at first glance. Customers have been asking for a smartphone stun gun, and now they have one! It is easy to use and difficult to detect. Reach for safety while maintaining your confidence!

A Stun Gun In A Phone

Nobody will be startled if you pull this device out of your purse or pocket to have on hand during potentially violent confrontations. For times when you want a little extra light, it also has a 50 Lumen LED flashlight.

The amazing features of this smart phone, which measures 5 1/2" x 2 5/8" and has a thickness of half an inch, may only be discovered after thorough investigation.

Can you use it to place calls on a phone?

No. It doesn't make calls and is only used for self-defense.

What if someone attempts to grab me, would I be surprised?

The electrical shock does not spread from one person to the next, not even if they touch you or if you are standing in water.

Does this shoot out or do you have to touch the person?

You must establish contact with the person utilizing the smartphone stun gun in order to deliver the life-changing 14 million volt jolt.

In a number of states, stun guns are not allowed to be used. You may check to see if your state has any restrictions here: ship restrictions

Although the Cell Phone Stun Gun resembles a camera phone, it is not. It is a stun gun with a 14,000,000 volt voltage. This child will give you the advantage since a potential attacker will believe you are merely carrying a smartphone. Additionally, a 50-lumen flashlight is included.

One of the most realistic-looking smartphone stun guns now on the market is the Discrete Protection model. It will offer you the benefit of surprise if you need to protect yourself.

With 14 million volts, this stun pistol is among the most powerful ones available. Usually, firing this unit into the air is sufficient to stop an adversary. The machine's top is covered with a dazzling electric current that pulses and makes a menacing electrical noise. Any attacker who has even a little bit of common sense will be halted in his tracks. If the stun gun's appearance and sound aren't enough to scare him away, the jolt it delivers will.

There are two levels of safety built in to prevent unintended discharge. The safety switch must be switched on and the trigger button must be depressed in order for the device to function.

The wire for charging is supplied.

How Does The Cellphone Stungun Function So Effectively?

Weaponry that use electroshock do not operate the same way as other types of weapons. Weapons are designed to kill the target they have previously been used against. On the other hand, that outdated definition from a textbook has been disregarded. These kind of self-defense weapons are increasingly useful for a variety of activities. They are intended to make you lose all sense of reality. In this way, the person who is stunned is hurt rather than killed, allowing you time to go away.

What Steps Are Taken?

The brain sends electrical signals that the body responds to. The human body's muscles use these electrical impulses to create movement. Based on knowledge of the human body, these devices shock their target with high-voltage, low-current electrical.

Anyone who has experienced shock may relate to an uncontrollable tingling sensation. These devices are an excellent choice for self-defense because of this sensation. If exposed to a high-voltage, low-frequency electric current, even an adult man will squirm on the ground. It's an excellent method for eliminating a target.

Features: Master Cell Stun Gun with 14,000,000 Stuns

Only a Stun Gun, Bright 50 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight Model with 14,000,000 Volts