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About Triad Stun Guns

Feb 7

Less than half the size of a traditional stun gun, the Safety Technology Triad 27,000,000 Stun Gun combines a powerful stun gun, an ear-piercing alarm, and an LED light. Its height is around 3 inches and its weight is less than two ounces, making it easily transportable and lightweight. It looks nothing like a stun gun, so no one will suspect you are carrying one. You won't let the bad guy know what struck him until it's too late, and he won't be able to recover from being caught off guard.

Although the triad stun pistol is smaller than others, it packs more of a punch than the competition. It is common practice to test this equipment by firing it into the air. If not, a shock will most likely do the work.

Simple to transport: In a defensive pinch, the last thing you want to do is waste time fumbling around for your stun gun. Wrapping the lanyard over your wrist will have you prepared for self-defense in a flash.

Connect the USB end of the included charging cable to a compatible USB port on a computer, or use a compatible wall block with a standard electrical outlet or car charger while you're on the go.

The unit has been equipped with a safety switch to prevent any unintended firing.

The alarm's 130 dB volume is sufficient to deter an attacker or get help quickly. Whenever and whenever it's needed, the LED Flashlight will have you covered.

This item is guaranteed for life, so you can buy with complete peace of mind. With a focus on quality and a promise of a lifetime warranty, Safety Technology produces Triad Stun Guns with superior components.

BANG BANG (Triad 27,000,000*) • USB to Micro USB Charging Cable (USB to Micro USB)